City Academy


City Academy


City Academy is a regular public charter school. It is one of 1 schools in City Academy (District). City Academy has an enrollment of 205 students in grades 08-12. Enrollment has decreased -10% to -15% over the last year.

Mission Statement

Our mission at City Academy is to create and sustain a model secondary public school where all students are engaged in academically rigorous, civically oriented curriculum: critical and creative thinking: and authentic learning in a personalized educational environment. We believe that students can learn, want to learn, and learn by different means; that students are the stewards of their own education; that literacy and numeracy skills are essential building blocks of all learning and should be mastered by all students; that high school graduates should demonstrate competency in and appreciation for English language arts, mathematics, laboratory science, the social sciences, healthy lifestyles, a second language, pragmatics, fine arts, and citizenship; that a relevant education challenges students to think critically and solve problems creatively; that interconnected, authentic learning in the arts, sciences, and citizenship prepares students to become lifelong learners, and engaged and active citizens; that education is most effective when it is cooperatively supported by educators, parents and community.

City Academy

555 E 200 S, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84102

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