Pinnacle Canyon Academy


Pinnacle Canyon Academy


Pinnacle Canyon Academy is a regular public charter school. It is one of 1 schools in Pinnacle Canyon Academy (District). Pinnacle Canyon Academy has an enrollment of 500 students in grades KN-12. Enrollment has increased +1% to +5% over the last year.

Mission Statement

Pinnacle Canyon Academy, a public charter school, provides technology-integrated academics that exceed state core curriculum by helping students reach their full potential. PCA uses a variety of ongoing assessments, interventions, and current research practices in an effort to maximize the academic experience of each student. PCA collaborates with parents, students, teachers, and the community to emphasize our academic standards while simultaneously promoting the character development of our students for a lifelong journey into learning.

Pinnacle Canyon Academy

210 N 600 E, Price, UT 84501

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