Eden Prairie Public School District


Eden Prairie Public School District


The Eden Prairie School District is dynamic, changing and growing. Enrollment, currently about 10,500 students, has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Eleventh grade - the district’s largest class with 879 students - is more than 200 students larger than the graduating class of 2000, with 660. Students attend nine district schools: o Early Childhood Special Ed: 167 o Central Kindergarten Center: 484 o Cedar Ridge Elementary (1-4): 892 o Eden Lake Elementary (1-4): 892 o Forest Hills Elementary (1-4): 748 o Prairie View Elementary (1-4): 775 o Oak Point Intermediate (5-6): 1572 o Central Middle School (7-8): 1654 o E. P. High School (9-12): 3343 District facilities are excellent. An extensive building and remodeling program has resulted in facilities, which support the schools’ educational programs and are widely used by the community outside the school day. The newest additions include a multi-million dollar activities complex and brand new domed practice facility at the High School, as well as newly renovated track and field facilities at both the High School and Central Middle School. The district owns its own buses, and runs its own award-winning food service. The district is also known for its Education Center, which offers a number of opportunities for families, especially those with pre-school age children.

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Educating for success in our diverse and changing world.

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Eden Prairie Public School District

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