North Andover Public Schools


North Andover Public Schools


* Number of students as of October 1, 2001 - 4,291 * Size of school district - 27.89 square miles * Population of North Andover - 27,284 (1999) * Number of schools - 8 * FY02 School Department Budget - $27,484,189 * FY03 School Department Budget - $29,773,333 * FY00 Per Pupil expenditure - $6,311

Mission Statement

Mission To provide an educational program and environment of the highest quality that enables each student to fulfill his or her maximum potential intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally, so that he/she will become a responsible, productive and active member of society. Philosophy The North Andover Public School System believes that excellence in education is an attainable goal for the particular group of students it serves. To reach that goal, we support high expectations and standards for our students that each student may reach full potential. Excellence is a responsibility shared by all participants in the process: students, parents, staff, School Committee, and the community, each having unique and complementary roles and each having opportunities to influence the curriculum. Education is at the foundation of and critically important to a changing society. The effect of accelerated changes in science and technology on society demands that our curriculum, services, and staff be continually assessed to assure that we properly prepare students for the future. Accordingly, the school system must provide a sequentially coordinated curriculum which allows for individual differences within our school program. The system's curriculum must extend beyond the basic skills of communication and computation to application in creative problem-solving, conceptualizing, refinement of critical thought, mastery of writing techniques and processes and the establishment of an abiding thirst for knowledge. Encouraging our staff and students to try to achieve excellence by stretching their abilities requires tolerance and acceptance of mistakes made in honest efforts. We intend to profit and learn from such experiences. Implemented by strategies focused on student needs and learning styles and founded on sound educational research and practice, the curriculum must support, challenge, and provide students with opportunities for the consideration of occupation

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North Andover Public Schools

566 Main Street, North Andover, MA 01845