Seed School of Maryland


Seed School of Maryland


The SEED Foundation is a national nonprofit that partners with urban communities to provide innovative educational opportunities that prepare underserved students for success in college and beyond. The SEED Foundation is a catalyst for change in urban education: it developed the SEED boarding school model and opened its first school, The SEED School of Washington, D.C., in 1998. The SEED Foundation opened its second school in Maryland in August 2008. SEED’s innovative model integrates a rigorous academic program with a nurturing boarding program, which teaches life skills and provides a safe and secure environment. This boarding school model provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges facing urban students and serves as a prototype for expansion nationwide. SEED’s model has proven successful: 97 percent of SEED graduates have been accepted to college and 90 percent have immediately enrolled in college.

Mission Statement

The SEED School of Maryland is a new statewide, public, college-preparatory boarding school that opened in August 2008. The School has enrolled 160 sixth and seventh-grade boys and girls and will grow to educate and board 400 students in grades six through twelve. The SEED School is an extraordinary educational opportunity for students across the state to receive a tuition-free, college-preparatory, boarding education. The Maryland General Assembly passed legislation to establish the School, which will receive state and local funds. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) will oversee the School and will hold it accountable to state and federal standards for teaching and learning. The SEED School of Maryland combines a rigorous and engaging academic curriculum with life skills and enrichment activities to provide students with a thoughtfully balanced learning and living experience. Students and their families commit to a seven-year educational program that offers small class sizes, high quality teaching and learning experiences, mentoring, community service, and extracurricular activities such as sports and arts. The SEED School is centered around its character values: compassion, self-discipline, integrity, respect for oneself and others, responsibility, honesty, and self-determination. The SEED School staff are in partnership with parents, families, and communities to guide and support student success. The School follows a typical academic school year calendar.

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Seed School of Maryland

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