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Bethel School District


Helping kids learn is the driving force behind all we do in the Bethel School District. We all know that students learn in different ways. It is our goal to use a variety of methods to reach each and every student. We do this through extremely dedicated and well-trained staff, a variety of special academic programs, arts, athletics, ASB clubs, and other extra-curricular activities. Materials and course offerings are important. The district has recently adopted new secondary communication arts texts and a new math curriculum for elementary students. We offer alternative web-based learning, a wide array of special education classes, and expanded Advanced Placement (AP) classes in calculus, statistics, studio art and history. The district also believes children learn through the arts. A first-rate staff has led students to numerous state and national awards in band, orchestra, choir, drama and fine arts. Another great success in boosting student achievement has been Learning Support Academies. These are programs designed to provide academic help to small groups of students before and after school. Many Bethel schools have implemented such programs for students who need more time to acquire skills. The results have been rewarding. We are #1 in improvement on the WASL test among the 20 largest school districts in the state from 1998-2002. It is clear that Bethel schools are on the move.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bethel School District is to provide a safe educational environment which enables students to develop and apply the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values needed to realize their maximum potential.

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Bethel School District

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