Radford City Public Schools


Radford City Public Schools


Radford City Schools consist of 4 schools. All the schools are located within Radford City and one mile of the school board office. We average around 1,500 students. RCS employs 19 special education teachers, and 2 full time speech therapist, 2 school psychologist (1/2 time each), 1/2 time, visiting teacher/social worker, and contracts OT/PT/Educational Testing services. RCS averages around 250 youths with disabilities. RCS utilizes a site based management model of administration decisions regarding LRE and inclusion are made on a student by student basis. McHarg Elementary School is located 700 12th Street in Radford. It serves grades K - 3. The Principal is Mr. Larry Price. The school was built in 1908 and named after Henry McHarg. Mr. McHarg was a prominent business owner in Radford at the time. Belle Heth Elementary School is located at 810 2nd Avenue in Radford. It serves grades 4 - 6. The Principal is Mr. Kenneth Alderman. The school was built in 1957. The school is named after Mrs. Belle Heth, the wife of Captain Stockton Heth. Dalton Intermediate School is located at 60 Dalton Drive. DIS serves grades 7 and 8. The Principal is Mr. Jeff Smith. DIS was built in 1979 and originally named Radford Intermediate School. In 1986 the name was changed to Dalton Intermediate School after the late Governor John Dalton Radford High School is located at 50 Dalton Drive. RHS serves grades 9 - 12. The Principal is Mr. Buddy Martin and the Assistant Principal is Mr. Mark Lineburg. RHS was built in 1928 with additions constructed in the mid 1950's. The 1928 portion of the building burned in 1970 and was replaced with a modern structure that same year.

Mission Statement

The Radford City Schools aspire to provide a challenging setting for learning in which students prepare for success in college and careers, develop a competitive spirit, and become responsible citizens. Our mission is "excellence in education" for every student, every day.

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Radford City Public Schools

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