Greenwood County School District 50


Greenwood County School District 50


Greenwood School District 50 serves the city of Greenwood and surrounding areas and is the largest of three school districts in the county. The district has approximately 9,400 students and 1,274 employees. It has nine elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, an alternative school, a career center and an adult education center. All schools are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the State Department of Education. The annual budget is approximately $56,777,211. Forty-seven percent of our teachers hold advanced degrees, and the teacher retention rate for the district is 91.7 percent. The average teacher salary is $40,596. The district has 63 National Board Certified teachers. In keeping with its mission to “educate all students to achieve their full potential as responsible and productive citizens,” Greenwood 50 is committed to providing academic excellence for all students. Through a strong core curriculum and carefully designed supplemental programs, students are challenged to reach their potential and achieve their personal and career goals. The district has embraced the state and national accountability movements with a focus on continuous improvement. Achievement data are analyzed yearly to identify curriculum needs and to implement improvements. The district has implemented intensive staff development for elementary and middle school teachers in the area of literacy. Math, science and social studies have also been a focus for professional development. All schools have implemented a process to close the achievement gap between student groups. High schools have expanded their Advanced Placement and college credit course offerings and have added career and technology courses. The district has provided technology and training for teachers to use in delivering quality instruction. Over a ten-year period, the district will open three new middle schools and one or two new elementary schools and make i

Mission Statement

The mission of Greenwood School District 50 is to educate all students to achieve their full potential as responsible and productive citizens.

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Greenwood County School District 50

1855 Calhoun Road, Greenwood, SC 29649