Fredericksburg City Public Schools


Fredericksburg City Public Schools


Located halfway between Richmond and Washington, D.C., the historic Fredericksburg Area is unlike any other in America. That’s because attractions found today in Fredericksburg, are real not a re-creation. Our school system operates 4 schools, and offers a number of of unique benefits to teachers and students alike.

Mission Statement

All students will be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to create and derive meaning as a productive citizen in a highly technological world. All students in the Fredericksburg City Public Schools will learn and succeed, "Excellence in Education" embodies a commitment to quality that assures each student opportunity and equity. The school system reflects the value the community places on our children and believes the future depends on the dedication of our resources to educate all students to become knowledgeable, responsible, and productive citizens.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Fredericksburg City Public Schools

210 Ferdinand Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401