Carroll County Public Schools


Carroll County Public Schools


Carroll County is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. First settled in the 1700's, Carroll County population is currently over 26,000. The town of Hillsville, which is the county's only incorporated town, is the seat of county government. Carroll County is convenient to Roanoke and Bristol, Virginia and Winston Salem, North Carolina. Most of the gently rolling land is devoted to agriculture and open space, with about forty percent forest land. The leading occupational groups are manufacturing, agriculture, and trade. Dairy, livestock, and field crops are the top agricultural products. This scenic area offers a moderate climate, countless streams, miles of river, well-maintained trails, and abundant wildlife. This environment complements the friendly and gracious way of life, noted for southern hospitality. The positive learning environment found in the schools is favorably influenced by the surrounding community. The success of the children is an integral part of the continued growth and development of the community.

Mission Statement

Carroll County Public Schools are committed to excellence in education. The school division strives to provide stimulating and challenging educational programs necessary for students to continue their education after high school or to enter the world of work. A full curriculum of academic, vocational, and special education programs is provided. A balanced program of study addresses student abilities, needs, and interests while assisting individual achievement. This allows for continuous progress in essential academic skills and personal development. Beyond the classroom, a variety of activities are available including academic and athletic competitions. The educational FOCUS of Carroll County Public Schools is upon helping to prepare For Our Children's Ultimate Success. Students are preparing for the future by participating in vital educational opportunities. Carroll County Public Schools are committed to preparing all children to meet the challenges and responsibilities which lie ahead.

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Carroll County Public Schools

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