Caroline County Public Schools


Caroline County Public Schools


We are a division that focuses on relationships, learning and growth for our students and staff members. As a small school division, we are unique in which our Superintendent and Senior Staff are visible and accessible. We pride ourselves as working together as #OnceCaroline. Within our school division we have three elementary schools, one middle, one high school and Lotus Academy for alternative programming. We have two new teacher support coaches that work on a weekly basis to support new teachers with anything they need. Through intentional collaboration, a relentless focus on evidence, and a commitment to action, assessment, and adjustment, each student will work intentionally alongside staff, community partners, and family members to reach their post-secondary pathway: Enrolled, Enlisted, and/or Employed. The CCPS school community will embrace continuous improvement practices to maintain purposeful focus on teaching and learning, relationships, health and safety, and talent management. This collective school community effort will yield student graduates with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed regardless of their future endeavors. You can visit our website at or find us on Facebook to see more of what is happening on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

Our Vision: Empowering a community of life-long learners to be 3E Ready: Enrolled, Enlisted, and/or Employed. Our Mission: We create an inclusive culture where teaching and learning inspire and prepare students to become contributing citizens.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Caroline County Public Schools

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