Buckingham County Public Schools


Buckingham County Public Schools


Located in the heart of central Virginia, Buckingham County offers an easy-going lifestyle with convenient access to several of Virginia's largest cities. Among them are Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond. One of the greatest strengths of Buckingham County Public Schools is the high level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by its teachers. Approximately 30% have earned advanced degrees and many others are enrolled in graduate courses. Through a strong professional development program offered by the School Board, which includes graduate course work and local inservice training, teachers update and strengthen their skills.

Mission Statement

Our goals are: to set high expectations for all students to achieve their potential to provide students with individualized educational experiences that maximize abilities to create a safe and secure environment in each school and facility to create opportunities for all parents for meaningful involvement in the schools; and to foster an environment that facilitates open, honest and clear communication within the system and in the broader community.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Buckingham County Public Schools

15595 West James Anderson Rd., Buckingham, VA 23921