Department of Correctional Education


Department of Correctional Education


We, the Department of Corrections believe we can best fulfill our Vision and accomplish our Mission by demonstrating and living these values in our daily work. Safety - Ensuring that the physical and psychological safety of the public, staff and individuals in the care of Corrections is paramount and evident in all we do. Ethics - Behaving with high standards of conduct. Learning - Being competent and knowledge oriented; transforming information and experience into knowledge, skills, attitudes, and actions. Commitment - Consciously and boldly contributing to the mission of the Department. Support - Promoting with courage and passion the Department’s cause and its employees; and perform as a team player – voicing, reinforcing, challenging, and promoting accountability. Respect - Having an appreciation for the differences and the dignity of individuals; valuing others’ point of view, accepting people as they are –being polite, courteous and empathetic. Honesty - Expressing a compassionate genuine voice; speaking the truth; not remaining silent when truth is being hidden.

Mission Statement

The Department of Corrections (DOC) enhances public safety by providing effective programs, re-entry services, and supervision of sentenced offenders in a humane, cost-efficient manner, consistent with sound correctional principles and constitutional standards.The Education Division provides quality educational programs that enable incarcerated adults to become responsible, productive, tax-paying members of their communities.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

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Department of Correctional Education

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