Iron County School District


Iron County School District


Located in southwestern Utah, Iron County School District has fifteen schools with approximately 8500 students and 1200 employees. The schools include: three high schools, two middle schools, one alternative school and nine elementary schools and are located in the communities of Cedar City, Parowan and Beryl.

Mission Statement

Empowering all to create a better tomorrow. Develop competent, responsible, caring citizens who respect individual diversity and are able to meet the challenges of a changing society. BELIEF STATEMENTS Self Esteem and Individual Worth * Every individual has absolute intrinsic value. * All people need to love and be loved. * Individual potential is unlocked as self esteem grows. * Every child must have an advocate. * There is value in human diversity. * Every child is entitled to a safe, compassionate, learning environment. Teaching, Learning, and Achievement * Every individual can learn. * Expectations of excellence yield excellence. * The acquisition of knowledge and reasoning skills is essential to human progress. * Significant learning takes place when the process is relevant to the individual. * The desire for learning can be cultivated. * America's form of government requires educated citizens. * Effective learning accommodates different learning styles of individual students. * School activities enrich learning. Responsibility and Citizenship * Respect for others and property enhances quality learning. * Honesty, self discipline and moral integrity are essential to positive human behavior. * Society will prosper with competent, productive, and caring people. * Performing meaningful work is essential to a quality life. Collaboration - Parent/School/Community * Establishing a working partnership involving the school, home, and community will better both education and society. * Evaluation, Progress, and Change. * Accountability is imperative. * We embrace progressive change. * Application of technology enhances education.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Iron District is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or physical or mental handicap, except where justified to meet a bona fide occupational requirement. Iron District is committed to a policy of keeping its work place free from sexual harassment. Iron District provides reasonable accommodations to the known disabilities of applicants in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Iron County School District

2077 W ROYAL HUNTE DRIVE, Cedar City, UT 84720