Cache County School District


Cache County School District


Cache County School District is located in the beautiful Cache Valley 80 miles north of Salt Lake City. Our district serves the entire Utah portion of Cache Valley except for Logan City and is the valley's 3rd largest employer. The district currently has 25 schools with plans for additional schools in the near future. Cache County School District focuses on academic rigor, professional development and student achievement at all levels. Our students test well above their state and national counterparts on a consistent basis.

Mission Statement

Cache County School District's Mission is to provide an educational system which responds to students, staff, and community needs by providing all students with the skills necessary to succeed in a global society, by addressing critical district issues, and by providing a supportive environment for students, educators, and patrons which fully utilizes the human, community, and financial resources available.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Cache County School District

2063 N 1200 E, Logan, UT 84341