Richfield School District


Richfield School District


Richfield is a K-12 school in a small rural community in southern Idaho. It provides a rare combination of a quality teaching environment and recreational heaven. Enrollment is 235 and growing slowly. The elementary reading program was he recipient of the A+ in Education award from the NEA in 2004. Richfield made AYP in all categories in 2004-06. We have a progressive, young and enthusiastic principal with Board and community support. The community just passed a levy to support our continuing growth. Our staff of 19 is dedicated to our students. A position in our community will be a rewarding experience and opportunity to build one's skills and career. Community is close to major recreation areas such as Sun Valley. City shopping is minutes away. We offer an excellent teacher mentoring program. We are worth a close look! Hope to hear from you. The Richfield Schools

Mission Statement

The mission of the Richfield School District, in partnership with the community, is to provide each student with a challenging environment of academic excellence with clear criteria and accountability to create his/her own unique success story. This includes the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to become a lifelong learner and responsible, contributing member of our changing world.

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Richfield School District