Melba Joint District


Melba Joint District


The Melba School District is a small, rural K-12 public school district. The staff of approximately 100 are committed to the principles of high performng schools. Staff members take a personal responsiblity to ensure that every child receives a quality education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Melba School District is to become a premiere Idaho school district by producing educated, responsible citizens who are capable of taking an active, enriching role in society. In order to accomplish this mission the Board of Trustees established the following goals: • Increase good citizenship (honesty, respect for authority, responsibility, work ethic, self-discipline, etc.) within our student population by empowering administrators, teachers, and staff to maintain discipline, • Provide a safe and secure school environment, • Teachers, students and parents to achieve Idaho’s highest test scores and other measures of academic achievement, • Maintain and improve the quality of district personnel, • Improve parental involvement, • Improve and expand school district facilities, • Increase the emphasis on enrichment programs with a broadened exposure to the arts and vocational studies, • Integrate technology into all curriculums, • To maintain appropriate teacher/student ratios at all levels, • Provide educational resources including library, technology center, career center, etc. as befits a premier school district. In summary, the Melba School District believes that the development of attitudes and ideals is a responsibility equivalent to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Striving for excellence in attitude and aptitude is a way of life. Melba Schools will enhance, teach and promote this discipline with the support of every student’s parents. BELIEF STATEMENTS The staff and community of Melba School District #136 believe: • All students can learn. • Student learning is the chief priority of the school. • The co-curricular activity program is a vital part of the total school learning experience. • Students need to apply their learning in everyday life. • Students learn best when actively engaged in the learning experience. • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual

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Melba Joint District