School District of Desoto County


School District of Desoto County


DeSoto County Schools is an exciting and wonderful place to work! Maintaining excellence in education is a priority with our business and community leaders. Our school district employs nearly 400 teachers who serve approximately 5,000 students in grades K-12 in three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Located inland from Sarasota in Southwest Florida, DeSoto County is a rural and primarily agricultural community with a total population of approximately 37,775 (not including seasonal residents) as of 2005. The county has many natural features such as its abundance of wetlands, and the beautiful Peace River and its tributaries. Our county has a mix of residential, commercial and agricultural uses. DeSoto County has started to experience developmental growth from the coastal counties such as Manatee, Charlotte and Sarasota, and is now transitioning from a rural setting into a more urbanizing area. The growth continues eastward from these counties along US Highway 17, State Roads 70 and 31. Why DeSoto County? • It's a great place to live, work, and play • Close proximity to beaches, big cities, and major recreational/cultural attractions: Tampa - 1.5 hours, Sarasota - 1 hour, Orlando - 2 hours, Naples - 2.5 hours, West Palm Beach - 2.5 hours, and Fort Lauderdale - 3 hours • Citizens and businessmen who are supportive of education • No state income tax • Reasonable real estate taxes and housing • Low crime rate • Cultural and recreational amenities for all ages Come discover all that DeSoto County, Florida has to offer!

Mission Statement

Mission: The mission of the School District of DeSoto is to prepare all students to be successful citizens and productive workers. Guiding Principles: 1) Students, the quality of instruction and services provided to students, and the needs of students will be central concerns in all decisions made in the School District of DeSoto. 2) Integrity, honesty, openness, and responsiveness are core values in the School District of DeSoto. 3) Decisions should be made as close to the point of implementation as possible and based on consideration of all available resources. 4) The schools belong to the community, whose input and partnerships are essential to effectively meet the needs of students.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The School District of DeSoto County is an Equal Opportunity and Veteran's Preference Employer. The School District of DeSoto County ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, gender, creed, color, national origin, religion, marital status, age or disability.

School District of Desoto County

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