Appletree Early Learning Center PCS


Appletree Early Learning Center PCS


A variety of organizations and individuals provide preschool programs in multiple settings. This diversity is a strength because it allows parents and caregivers to choose early childhood education programs that meet their needs and the needs of their children. We are committed to working with all preschool providers to enhance the quality of early childhood education because we believe that all children deserve a rich and vibrant preschool experience. Our strategies to achieve this are to: * Purchase or lease real property to create new classrooms. * Build partnerships with developers of new housing to include preschool classrooms in their developments. * Seek opportunities for co-locating new preschool classrooms in elementary schools operated by DCPS, other public charter schools, or private schools. * Build relationships to share knowledge with DC public schools and private preschools. * Offer a menu of fee-based services including: program needs assessment, curriculum training, coaching, ongoing professional development, and student progress monitoring.

Mission Statement

The mission of AELPCS is to provide young children with the social, emotional, and cognitive foundations that will enable them to succeed in school.

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Appletree Early Learning Center PCS

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