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Brandywine School District


The Brandywine School District is a Delaware public school district located in the suburban northeastern section of New Castle County, bordering the State of Pennsylvania and the Brandywine Creek. Schools All schools are located in Wilmington, North Wilmington, or Claymont. Current enrollment is 10,602 students in 18 school buildings. There are also 4 special programs. 1 Early Education Center (Preschool - Kindergarten) 8 Elementary Schools Grades K-3 3 Intermediate Schools Grades 4-6 3 Middle Schools Grades 7-8 3 High Schools Grades 9-12 Special Programs: Gifted Program Grades K-3, Gifted Program Grades 4-6, Intensive Learning Center Grades K-12, Brandywine Community School (Alternative School) Grades 7-12. Click here for a list of District Schools Teaching Staff Brandywine teachers have an average of 14 years of teaching experience. 45% of Brandywine teachers have a master's degree or above. 98% of core academic teachers have majors or minors in the subjects they teach. The cumulative grade point average (GPA) for teachers hired by the District for the 2004-2005 school year is 3.4, with nearly 1/3 of those new teachers above a 3.5 GPA and 86% above a 3.0. Twenty-nine Brandywine District teachers currently hold National Board Certification. School Climate The District’s rate of serious behavior violations per 100 students continues to be less than the New Castle County four-district average. In 2003-2004, more than 94% of students in grades K-12 had no involvement in any type of serious disciplinary incident. Harlan Elementary School and P.S. duPont Elementary School both received recent statewide recognition for their Positive Behavior Support programs fostering positive school climate. Attendance Rate The average district-wide daily attendance rate has been 94% for the past four years. Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) The Brandywine School District frequently measures

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Our Mission: Inspire and challenge every child every day. Our Vision: It is the Brandywine School District's vision to educate all students to their full potential so that each student may excel in the world community and develop a passion for life-long learning.

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Brandywine School District

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