Christina School District


Christina School District


The Christina School District is Delaware's largest pubic school system with over 20,000 students. Christina employs over 3,200 people including 1,634 teachers. The District currently serves the city of Newark and its surrounding suburban areas as well as portions of the city of Wilmington. The District consists of 13 elementary schools, 5 intermediate schools, 3 middle schools, 3 high schools, and 3 special schools.

Mission Statement

WE BELIEVE: All children can and all children must learn and achieve at high levels when they are entrusted to our educators. Anything short of striving to attain this is a breach of our professional and moral responsibility. We must aspire to a trajectory of high expectations to which we hold ourselves, all our employees, all our parents, and all our students. Safe and orderly learning environments are critical to support student achievement. Our teachers must demonstrate the ability and the desire to educate each child at a high level, but our school system has an obligation to quantify and specify the nature of work our teachers are to do. Without that clarity, we will fail. Everyone must be held accountable through regular and multiple uses of student performance data. We have a responsibility to enable children to develop positive and healthy behaviors and attitudes around issues of racial, socioeconomic, ethinic, religious, familial, gender and other diversity. Equity and excellence in tandem are paramount. Every Christina School District employee and volunteer is an educator. Public education will not survive without public support and our goal for the Christina School District, to go from good to great, will require commitment to hard work, focus, intensity, and investment. The Bd of Ed, CSD educators, and parents/guardians must work as a team. When we all work together, we will better enable students to achieve more at a faster pace.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Christina School District

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