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Norwalk Public Schools


At Norwalk Public Schools, our mission is to create a student-focused culture that motivates, challenges and supports each individual student to his or her highest levels of achievement. Over 1,000 dedicated professionals work closely with more than 11,000 students in 19 schools. The Norwalk Public Schools district is made up of 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative high school program. Norwalk is also home to the Center for Global Studies, an inter-district high school magnet program and the Norwalk Early College Academy. Our district’s rich diversity is a key part of our strength. Norwalk students come from a variety of backgrounds, with more than 38% of students speaking a second language at home. The Norwalk Public School system delivers a learning experience that is rich in cultural diversity, as well as one that is reflective of the global society in which our graduates will work and live. Our vision is that all students will graduate prepared to reach their highest potential for college, career and life-long success in a globally competitive society. At Norwalk Public Schools, we believe that “The World Starts Here.” Norwalk offers two magnet schools at the elementary level, Columbus Magnet School and Jefferson Science Magnet School, as well as the Center for Global Studies, an inter-district high school magnet program housed at Brien McMahon High School. Norwalk Public Schools provides comprehensive special education and bilingual education programs, full day Kindergarten, and expanded Pre-K opportunities. Before and after-school programs are available throughout the city for both elementary and secondary students. Students can also take advantage of a full array of interscholastic athletics and extra-curricular activities that cover a full range of interests, from computers to chess to community service. Programs like the Center for Youth Leadership, and the Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon Marching Bands, have received national recognition.

Mission Statement

To create a student-focused culture that motivates, challenges, and supports every individual student to his or her highest level of achievement.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

NORWALK IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER The Norwalk Board of Education is an equal opportunity employer. It hires qualified personnel based upon the individual merits and achievements of applicants and employees. All hiring decisions are made without regard to Race, Religion, Color, National Origin, Gender, Age, Marital Status, Sexual Preference, or Physical or Mental Disability of any applicant.

Norwalk Public Schools

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