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New Haven School District


The mission of the Office of Talent Management (Human Resources) is to attract, develop, recognize and retain talented educators of all kinds, including high-quality teachers, school leaders, district leaders, and supporting school staff, by cultivating a culture and systems of professional excellence that supports growth and collaboration. Our Staff: New Haven public schools employ 2,500 full-time employees ranging from administrators to food service workers, teachers to security officers, each one an integral part of preparing our students for a successful future. Job Applicants: We need passionate and progressive teachers and leaders dedicated to providing high quality education to diverse children. Join the collaborative urgency for change that has made New Haven a national school reform leader. New Haven Public Schools system, winner of nationally competitive $53 million grant from the U.S. Department of education in recognition of this ground-breaking work, is committed to long-term career development of our educators including teachers and administrators- accelerating their growth and opening new career trajectories. New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) are constantly growing and developing! Out of the 44 New Haven Public Schools, there are: 1 Early Learning Center 31 PreK-8, Elementary & Middle Schools 9 High Schools 2 Transitional Schools/Programs 1 Adult & Continuing Education Center NHPS is also home to the largest magnet program in Connecticut! • 7,325 students attend the 20 different magnet schools in our district. • Nearly 3,000 of the students attending magnet schools are from suburban towns which means that NHPS have the highest suburban enrollment in magnet schools in Connecticut. • An additional 7,000 students applied for the magnet program this year.

Mission Statement

Our vision for New Haven Public Schools is to give all of our students a chance to rise – to learn and grow and pursue their dreams. That is what New Haven School Change is all about – parents, teachers, principals, school staff and the community coming together to support our young people so they can achieve success in college, career and life. We believe to our core that this city and this team of educators are changing the world for our kids. And we are doing it. Graduation rates are up. College persistence rates are improving. Literacy, math, and science skills are strengthening. Our art, music and athletics programs are vibrant. As a community, we are generating energy and momentum for our students, from Kindergarten Canvass to the Promise Scholarship program.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

NHPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer: New Haven Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and, except in the case of a bona fide occupational qualification or as otherwise permitted or required by law, does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, sex, disability, national origin, marital, veteran or other protected class status under applicable law in any of its education programs, activities or employment policies. Any individual needing assistance in making an application for any opening should contact the Human Resource Department.

New Haven School District

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