Bloomfield School District


Bloomfield School District


The Town of Bloomfield in North Central Connecticut covers 26.4 sq. miles with a population of 19,790 and was originally called Wintonbury because it was formed on lands from Windsor, Farmington, and Simsbury. The Wintonbury Society was organized in 1736 and the town itself was incorporated in 1835. Today the town is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Hartford metropolitan area. It borders the capital, and so is especially convenient for commuters to have jobs there. It's principal industries include insurance, aerospace products, specialized tools, electronics, gold and diamond products and diversified industries and agriculture.Bloomfield is a metro Hartford area suburb The nearby parks and recreation areas are Penwood State Park, Bidwell Park, Barbers Pond State Park, and Talcott Mountain State Park.

Mission Statement


Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Board of Education will provide equal employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, religious creed, age, veterans’ status, genetic information, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, or physical disability. The Board directs the administration to set as a goal the recruitment, selection and employment of qualified people among racial and ethnic minority groups to the end that the school district’s employees will proportionately mirror the racial and ethnic composition of this community. No advertisement of employment opportunities may by intent or design restrict employment based upon discrimination as defined by law.

Bloomfield School District

11 Turkey Hill Road, BLOOMFIELD, CT 06002-3099