Weldon Valley School District No. Re-20


Weldon Valley School District No. Re-20


We are a k-12 school system that limits our class sizes and has a four day week. We consistently have the highest scores in our county and strive to achieve higher success statewide. We have a high school that was built in 2004 and an elementary that was built in 2008. We are working to increase our technology and get a new facility that would have a gymnasium and vocational shop.

Mission Statement

We shall strive to provide a safe environment, meaningful opportunities and innovativeeducational programs for all students so that they reach their full learning potential, including that they meet state and district content standards, through pertnerships between home, school and the community.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Weldon Valley School District No. Re-20

911 NORTH AVENUE, WELDONA, CO 80653-8518