Ouachita River School District


Ouachita River School District


The Ouachita River School District is comprised of two K-12 Campuses. The Acorn Campus is located 5 miles North of Mena on Hwy. 71. Acorn Elementary and Acorn High School are located on this campus. The Oden Campus is located on Hwy. 88 thirty miles West of Mena. Ode Maddox Elementary and Oden High School are located on this campus.

Mission Statement

Mindful of the expansion and fluidity of our complex social processes and the continually changing situations thus created, it shall be the responsibility and challenge of this school to provide a thorough comprehension and functioning appreciation of the achievements of the objective of society. Full consideration must be taken to assure each student a preparation that will result in as complete an understanding of the main features of social and vocational attainment as his potential allows. The focus of this school's program always shall be in perspective with the criteria created by the advance of the aggregate environment -- resultant in each student's full realization of his intellectual physical needs.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Ouachita River School District

143 POLK RD 96, MENA, AR 71953