Pine Bluff School District


Pine Bluff School District


5,700 students-school structure consists of- 15 school sites-1 highschool-10-12,1 junior high 8-9, 1- 7th grade campus, 5 4-6 magnet schools- 6 k-4, and one pre-school.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pine Bluff School District is to provide quality educational opportunities that enable all students to reach their maximum potential in intellectual growth; ethical, physical, and aesthetic development; vocational aptitude; and economic competency. Our democratic way of life is based on the appreciation of the individual and challenges each person to become all that he/she can become. The faculty, administrators, and school board recognize the vast difference in individual abilities, needs, and goals. We, therefore, strive to maintain a curriculum that guides the students to develop those habits, skills, attitudes and appreciations which establish a pattern of behavior consistent with meeting their own needs and the legitimate demands and needs of others. We of the Pine Bluff School District believe that the philosophy and the quality of administrators and teachers, the concern of parents, the support of the community, and the attitude of the students combine to form the cycle of educational growth. Each part of this cycle must continually strive to reinforce the other by maintaining open communication between students, teachers, parents, administrators and the community. As the schools should provide the community with the highest quality of education possible, it is, in turn, the community's responsibility to supply the schools with active moral support, adequate financing, and informed leadership form its elected school board. By continuously re-evaluating the philosophy and objectives of the school district, we endeavor to instill in our students the idea that they are blending with an exciting and informational society. It is our hope for the rest of their lives they will anticipative this new learning with eagerness, assurance, and confidence.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Pine Bluff School District