Stanfield Elementary District


Stanfield Elementary District


We are a Title 1 Performing School. We have 95% free/reduced lunch. Our student population is approximately 800 students consisting of 66% Hispanic, 21% Caucasian, 11% Native American and 1% African-American. About half our students speak English as a second language. We are a growing school district and expect to add 2 new schools in the next 2 years.

Mission Statement

Support our District Policy of “believing human beings are the single most important element in all interactions.” We must establish priorities that respond to the needs of our students, staff members, and community and serve as the driving force behind all our actions focusing on excellence in everything we do.” Demonstrate sincere concern and dedication to establish and maintain cooperative, positive daily interactions with all staff, students, parents and vendors. Always foster team environment to accomplish established goals and objectives. Uphold and enforce school rules, administrative regulations and board policy.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Stanfield Elementary District

515 S Stanfield Rd, Stanfield, AZ 85272