Lower Yukon School District


Lower Yukon School District


The Lower Yukon School District is located in very remote area of Alaska. Geographically, our District is half the size of the State of Louisiana and includes 10 very small villages with no connecting roads. Most travel is by small airplanes although occasionally, travel is by snow machine in the winter and boat in the summer. The children are almost exclusively of Yup’ik Eskimo descent. Eight villages are served by LYSD are on the Yukon River which is one of the largest rivers in North America and flows through two countries.

Mission Statement

The purpose of our community is to ensure tradition, culture, and a quality education for all our children. Our Shared vision is: * To teach kids at their approprate insturctional levels * To use a standards-based model * To involve all stakeholders in the educational process

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Lower Yukon School District

100 Airport Rd, Mountain Village, AK 99632-0089