Shelby County Schools


Shelby County Schools


Shelby County continues to be the fastest growing school system in the state. Our enrollment is up to 22,764 students, which represents an increase of 1,000 students from last school year. As a result of this growth, we now have over 2,925 teachers and staff. We are operating 260 buses, which are transporting approximately 13,900 students over 10,000 miles per day. The growth also creates a demand for additional classrooms, teachers, textbooks, and the list goes on. Shelby County students continue to score above the state and national average on academic achievement tests. This year, Shelby County was the highest-ranking county school system on both the Stanford Achievement Test 10 and the 7th Grade Writing Assessment. Shelby County students also scored in the top five of county school systems for the 5th grade Writing Assessment. On the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, a total of 96% of our high school seniors achieved the standards.

Mission Statement

To provide a system of education which is committed to academic excellence and which provides education of the highest quality to all Shelby County school students, preparing them for the twenty-first century.

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Shelby County Schools

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