Vici Public Schools


Vici Public Schools


We are located in Vici, Oklahoma, a small town in the northwest part of the state. (Pronounced with long "i"s) Vici School is a PK-12 school with a current enrollment of 293 students, 29 certified employees, and 18 support staff members. Vici School has a rich history of academic success and we are proud of our graduates and their accomplishments. There is a tradition of excellence in music, athletics, agriculture education, business education, and family & consumer education. Students at Vici School have access to technology tools and we are transforming our educational methods to meet current needs. Our school is led by a caring, understanding school board. The community support is outstanding. Vici School has the small-town family atmosphere with ever-expanding opportunities.

Mission Statement

Vici School is good. It is a good place to be a student. It is a good place to work. It is a good place to pursue your dreams. And we are getting better.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Vici Public Schools

301 North Miller Street, Vici, OK 73859