Sayre Public Schools


Sayre Public Schools


Sayre maintains an excellent educational system in three modern facilities for their elementary, middle and high school. The high school offers many advanced placement courses. Competitive athletics programs are also available for boys and girls. Public school facilities include a 700-seat auditorium and a new 1,000 - seat gymnasium. Sayre Public School maintains a 4,000-plus capacity football field, a baseball field, track field, and a softball field constructed in the summer of 1999. The Elementary School has headstart, preschool, and T1 programs on the campus. The School serves a 600 square mile area with a student population of approximately 750. We have an abundant amount of community support, along with a dedicated staff. Sayre is a wonderful historic town located on Route 66 between Amarillo, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Southwestern Oklahoma State University-Sayre has an enrollment of 520 and is located only 60 miles west of the main campus in Weatherford. Interactive Video has positioned the University to become a key player in the National Information Highway.

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"Serving Students for the Future"

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Sayre Public Schools

716 Northeast Highway 66, Sayre, OK 73662-1218