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Caney Valley Public Schools


Caney Valley Public School serves the communities of Ochelata, Oglesby, Ramona, and Vera. Caney Valley Elementary School is located is Ochelata, while the Middle School and High School campuses are in Ramona. In recent years, Caney Valley has become known as “the small school with the smart kids.” Our successes with the high school and middle school academic teams are legendary. Our high school team has participated in the state tournament for fourteen years since 1991, accumulating five state championships, two runner-up trophies, and three third place honors. A recent National Merit Semi-Finalist, a Robert Byrd Scholar, numerous Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence All-State recipients, and various national scholarship award winners have given our rural district prestigious publicity. We are working to add classes in STEM and send teachers to professional development to improve instruction on a consistent basis.

Mission Statement

Caney Valley Public Schools recognizes education to be the individual’s most unique and valuable asset; therefore, the school has adopted the following basic principles of philosophy as a criterion for determining the educational program for Caney Valley students: • That all children have worth. • That every child’s educational potential should be explored and directed. • That the education of all children has tremendous value to the community, state, and national welfare. • That education helps children to discover their aptitudes and challenges them to develop their capabilities. • That pupils have different capacities for learning; therefore, each should begin at this achievement level and advance according to their ability to achieve. • That all pupils should be thoroughly taught the basic skills of reading, spelling, listening, writing, mathematics, health and good citizenship. • That all pupils should be motivated to have an inquiring mind and an attitude for experimentation. • That schools have the responsibility for helping students understand the free enterprise system of the American economy. • That schools have the responsibility to develop within each student an understanding of an appreciation for our democracy. The faculty of Caney Valley High School agrees that the future success of graduates will depend primarily on an educated involvement. For this reason, we agree that their involvement must be based on the mastery of education’s basic skills, the development of an ability to reason, the initiative to think critically and creatively, and the competence to seek information. As educators, we assume the responsibility for providing opportunities for preparing students to become participating, contributing adults who are able to find solutions for their community and their world. Caney Valley Middle School strives to serve students by providing traditional, exploratory, and integrated learning activities. Caney Valley faculty members

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Caney Valley Public Schools

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