Lindsay Public Schools


Lindsay Public Schools


PK-12 school, located in South Central Oklahoma, 45 miles from Oklahoma City. Broad curriculum, excellent community. Numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Excellent fine arts program, athletic program, vocational programs. Recently built state-of-the-art elementary playground.

Mission Statement

It is the responsibility of the school to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. Regardless of his or her inherent ability, socio-economic background, or race, every child should be given opportunities to develop to his or her fullest potential. We seek to provide in classroom, laboratory, media center and activities, varied experiences that will enable the student to take his or her place in our Democratic and competitive society. Our aim is that the students learn to accept and cope with the responsibilities of society and so become a useful, worthy citizen. We seek to provide an opportunity for students to discover and explore ideas, which are essential to the operation of a changing democratic society. In the educational process, students and teachers should develop a sense of co-operation and respect for each other, which enable them to realize their civic and ethical duties. As technological and sociological changes come about, we believe the school should be prepared to meet such changes; it should so instruct the youth to prepare them to become self-sustaining individuals.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Lindsay Public Schools

800 West Creek Street, Lindsay, OK 73052-6028