Ketchum Public Schools


Ketchum Public Schools


Ketchum is located near Grand Lake and about 60 miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are currently educating grades kindergarten through twelfth.

Mission Statement

We believe in the worth, dignity, and potential of the individual, and in the continued improvement of individual rights in our democratic social order. We believe that each child has an equal right to the opportunity for an education, insofar as individual capacities permit; we recognize the wide range of maturity levels, abilities, interests, experiences, needs, and rates of learning. We believe in preparing youngsters to lead productive adult lives; we recognize the necessity of establishing priorities among the various educational aims and functions, as the school cannot assume responsibility for all areas of development. We believe the primary concern of the school is the intellectual development of children. We believe the school program should supplement rather than supplant the influence of the home, the church, and other community organizations in the emotional, social, moral, spiritual, and physical development of children. We believe in developing informed and responsible citizens who are able to apply what they have learned to the making of wise decisions in their own lives. We believe in the necessity of systematically and continuously reviewing the instructional program of the school. We believe in a "pre planned" instructional program with emphasis on organized subject matter and respect for individual differences. We believe in the value of good classroom control, teacher scholarship, and professional leadership.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Ketchum Public Schools

404 N Boston, Ketchum, OK 74349-0720