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Guymon Public Schools


Guymon Public Schools is located in the heart of Texas County of the Oklahoma Panhandle 120 miles north of Amarillo, Texas and 40 miles southwest of Liberal, Kansas. Guymon Public Schools take pride in offering a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Academics, fine arts, vocational programs, technology, and athletics have allowed Guymon Public Schools to serve as a leader in providing for excellence in education. With an enrollment of approximately 2,900 students, Guymon Public Schools offers a wide range of academic and extra curricular activities for its population of pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students. Guymon Elementary Schools includes pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Grades pre-kindergarten Carrier, Kindergarten through second grade are served at suburban schools, Homer Long, Northeast, Prairie and Salyer. Academy Elementary serves grades third through fourth. All fifth and sixth graders attend school at North Park Elementary School. Central Junior High school serves students in grades seventh and eighth. The junior high school students are taught a wide range of educational experiences through the team concept. Each year around 450 students attend the junior high school. The high school serves students in grades ninth through twelfth. The rigorous requirements and expectations for graduation at Guymon High School better prepare students for education or work experiences after high school. Many junior high and high school students perform best in a different setting. The Guymon Alternative School serves students in grades sixth through twelfth. The alternative school is competency based, self paced, with individual and group counseling on a daily basis. Guymon Public Schools has outstanding extra curricular programs to offer students. The music and speech and debate programs in our school system are first class and rated the best in the state year in and year out. Outstanding athletics programs include Football, Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Volleyball, Cheer, and Dance.

Mission Statement

The Guymon Public School Board of Education, Administration, Faculty, and Staff stand ready to serve your children's educational needs. We are committed to planning, developing and implementing the most effective educational experiences for all Guymon students. We have worked hard to meet all state standards and those of the federal law "No Child Left Behind." We have been very successful in doing so.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Guymon Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.

Guymon Public Schools

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