Glenpool Public Schools


Glenpool Public Schools


A democratic society is dependent upon the quality of the education of its citizens. The local Board of Education has the direct and immediate responsibility within state laws for providing public education. The Board believes that education is an inherent right and privilege as well as a duty of the individual. Therefore, it is essential to create an environment for young people to develop inquisitiveness, initiative, self-reliance, responsibility, and independence. By helping students to develop their potential for learning, we foster their desire to continue learning after formal schooling.

Mission Statement

"Opening Doors through the Keys of Education" The mission of Glenpool Schools, its parents and community, is to create an environment which will encourage all students to achieve their academic potential and develop social skills, thereby fostering their desire to continue learning after formal schooling.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Glenpool Public Schools

461 E 146th St, Glenpool, OK 74033-1149