Duncan Public Schools


Duncan Public Schools


Duncan Schools is a district steeped in pride and has enjoyed success in many areas including but not limited to, academic achievement awards, scholarship recipients, athletics, band and vocal music competitions, FFA, and drama and debate. We are committed to sustaining pride and enjoying future success by living up to our motto “An Ongoing Tradition of Excellence.” We are a district that exists to provide a quality education to students by affording learning experiences that are engaging, challenging, relevant and rigorous. Because parents entrust their children to our professional staff, it is our pledge to you that we will provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Teamwork and relationships are the very essence that will provide your child with an inspiring and enjoyable learning environment.

Mission Statement

The basic foundation of our educational system rests in the principals set forth in our country’s and our state’s constitutions; therefore, our function in the Duncan Public Schools is to provide the opportunity for each student to develop the skills and attitudes which will promote these ideals. To achieve this end, the school will attempt to foster adequate emotional stability, intellectual understanding, physical development, spiritual enrichment, and social competence. The school will take its place beside the home and the church in helping each child establish standards by which he or she may live and develop those qualities and attitudes that will enrich and strengthen his or her life.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Duncan Public Schools

1706 W Spruce, Duncan, OK 73533-3533