Dickson Public Schools


Dickson Public Schools


Dickson is a rural school 9 miles outside of Ardmore. Our school population is about 1,400 students. We offer a variety of programs including:band, vocal, sports, FCCLA, speech and others.

Mission Statement

The philosophy of the Dickson Public School System is based upon the idea that our future depends upon the education of our youth who must accept the responsibility for our society. Students must first become aware of their own moral and common-sense beliefs that express their everyday life and thought. In doing so, they can evaluate personal experiences in order to achieve a purpose in life. We encourage that each student should think creatively and independently and should be encouraged to accept the responsibility for his/her own personal behavior. It is the school's responsibility to make available facilities, materials, resources, and methods that are necessary to teach individual students effectively. Our responsibility is also to help students realize their fullest potentials as those potentials relate to the basic academic skills, physical education, the arts, and to society. Most importantly, we believe in the philosophy that education in best acquired through interaction of the home, school, and community which are our basic institutions.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Dickson Public Schools

4762 State Highway 199, Ardmore, OK 73401-0560