Dibble Public Schools


Dibble Public Schools


Dibble Public Schools is a rural school district located in central Oklahoma approximately 35 miles south of Oklahoma City. The school can be located by exiting off of Interstate 35. Proceed from Purcell, Oklahoma due west 16 miles on state highway 39. There are approximately 725 students in grades Pre Kindergarten through 12th grade. Dibble schools is accredited through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. We offer a comprehensive curriculum which meets the needs of all students. ***** Pre kindergarten through twelfth grade ***** Approximately 725 students ***** Rural school district For more information, please visit: http://www.dibble.k12.ok.us/

Mission Statement

Our mission statement at Dibble Public Schools is "Striving for Excellence through Quality Education"

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Dibble Public Schools

22092 OLD TOWN FIRST, BLANCHARD, OK 73010-0009