Cache Public Schools


Cache Public Schools


Cache High School was first organized in 1902, the same year the post office was built in Cache. Three years later in 1905, the settlement known as Cache became an incorporated municipality now known as the city of Cache, Oklahoma. Since then over 20 other original school districts in the surrounding area have joined the Cache School District. Today, Cache High School is a rapidly growing district of over 250 square miles. In 1978 the new high school was built on the South side of Cache Road which consisted of nine classrooms, a central office, and a library. In 1988 a new addition of 10 classrooms was added which included science rooms and a film projection room. Also, the Cache library/media center and a new cafeteria/meeting hall were added as part of this new addition. In 1995 another new addition was added to the east end of the building. Four classrooms, a lab preparation room and a set of bathroom facilities were added. In 2001 we added 2 computer labs and 2 classrooms onto the East end of the high school. We are a progressive 4A school that emphasizes academics through the three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness.

Mission Statement

Standards of conduct not only induce the highest ideals of citizenship under the Constitution of America, but also promote an atmosphere in which each student is afforded equitable educational opportunities to achieve their highest aspirations.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Cache Public Schools

102 East H Ave, Cache, OK 73527-9230