Mandaree 36 School District


Mandaree 36 School District


Mandaree School is located on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in western North Dakota. Fort Berthold is the home of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara people. The school is the hub of the community in Mandaree. Mandaree, ND is geographically isolated. The nearest cities are New Town, 32 miles north, Watford City, 31 miles west, Killdeer 35 miles south, and the Missouri River is roughly 30 miles to the east. The nearest Walmart is in Dickinson which is 63 miles south. We are in the heart of the Bakken oil exploration boom. Housing may be available through the district. We are school-wide Title I. We are a Tier I school. We face many challenges as we provide the best possible educational opportunities to the 200 students we have in grades K-12. Teacher applicants must meet licensing requirements for the state of North Dakota. For teacher licensing information contact the Education Standards and Practices Board at 701-328-9641 or visit For positions requiring an additional credential (principals, counselors, librarians, Title I Reading/Math Specialists) contact the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction 701-328-2260 or visit Program and Services link. All applicants must pass Local, State, and Federal background checks. All applicants must pass a post-offer pre-employment drug and alcohol test.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement Our vision is for all students to be college bound or career ready upon graduation from Mandaree School. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide a rigorous K-12 curriculum in a clean, safe learning environment that fosters student independence through daily attendance, parental involvement, positive behavior, academic engagement, and data driven decision making. Belief Statements • We believe that every student must come to school daily, rested and ready to learn. • We believe that all faculty and staff contribute to a positive school climate through daily attendance, enthusiasm, and willingness to assist students in the learning process. • We believe that administrators are positive instructional leaders, providing the tools for staff and students to be successful. • We believe that the school board provides effective governance through proactive policies and procedures. • We believe that parents and community members support education through positive participation in activities and meetings, encouragement of student academic achievement, and maintenance of a safe and drug-free community. • We believe in the importance of cultural identity and students learning about who they are and where they come from.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Mandaree School is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Mandaree 36 School District

1 Warrior Circle, Mandaree, ND 58757