Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Schools


Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Schools


Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Schools comprises twelve schools with 6000 students two high, two middle(6-8), seven elementary(Pre k-5), and one community

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate all students by creating experiences that produce life-long learners.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

ECPPS is an equal opportunity employer (Board of Education Policy File #: GBA) All persons who are qualified to meet the requirements established for a job are entitled to equal employment opportunities in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools. The school system does not discriminate against its applicants for employment or its employees on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age, or disability. In recruiting and selecting personnel, considerations should be given to persons of diverse backgrounds, geographical origins, and academic training. Adopted: December 12, 1978 Revised: July 26, 1993

Elizabeth City-Pasquotank County Schools

1200 S Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, NC 27906-2247