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Cleveland County Schools


Welcome to Cleveland County Schools! Dear Friend, Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest in our school system. The 17,600 students who attend Cleveland County Schools live in a county with a tradition of educational excellence. Situated in the piedmont near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we enjoy a spectacular view of the South Mountains as we drive within our school district. Cleveland County is a unique blend of the urban and rural with its historical agricultural resources as well as sophisticated, highly technical industries. A strong trace of that farm family work ethic remains among our students and parents. The Cleveland County School System is fortunate to escape many of the challenges associated with giant urban districts; however, we are large enough to offer a variety of opportunities that may be limited within smaller systems. Cleveland County Schools operates 28 modern facilities including eighteen elementary schools, four middle schools and four high schools with grades 9 through 12. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the North Carolina Board of Education accredit all. Best of all, our schools enjoy outstanding community support. In 1994, our citizens throughout our county voted to tax themselves specifically to enhance educational opportunities for our boys and girls. This has allowed us to hire extra teachers to reduce class size and expand our course offerings to students. Our technology program is state of the art with a technology specialist employed at each school to assist teachers and students. These local funds also provide beginning teachers with the highest salary supplement in our county and tuition reimbursement for teachers who want to earn advanced degrees. We hope that you will want to learn more about our school system and career opportunities. It will be our pleasure to talk with you.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement... Caring Creates Success...The Cleveland County School System believes that all students can learn and that it is our responsibility to teach so all students are successful. The mission of Cleveland County Schools, in cooperation with the community, is to educate all students to achieve academic and social success in a caring environment.

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Cleveland County Schools

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