Plainfield School District


Plainfield School District


The Plainfield Public School District is a Pre K to Grade 12 district of approximately 8,500 students representing a diversity of racial, cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds. The learners are housed in 17 Early Childhood Centers, 10 Elementary Schools, 2 Middle Schools and 1 comprehensive High School. The district’s mission is to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students in a safe, inclusive learning environment that fosters personal and interpersonal growth, life-long learners and a strong sense of community. A Preschool Framework prepares our youngest learners in the ECCs to achieve when they begin kindergarten. By maintaining a consistent, coherent and rigorous curriculum throughout the Elementary School, Middle Schools and High School, our goal is to empower our students to become engaged learners in the classroom with high personal and academic goals now and in the future when they consider their possibilities for professional and career paths.

Mission Statement

The Plainfield Public Schools, in partnership with its community, shall do whatever it takes for every student to achieve high academic standards. No alibis. No excuses. No exceptions.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Plainfield School District

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