Meridian Public Schools


Meridian Public Schools


The Meridian Public School District has 6,000 students in grades Pre-K through 12 with more than 550 certified staff and about 500 classified staff. We are located in Meridian, Mississippi. The Meridian Public School District has a rich history of people, facilities and events. The talent of the administrators to project the vision, the ability of the teachers and staff to make it happen in the classrooms, and the willingness of the citizens to support the schools through both finances and personal support combine to make the district's efforts at educating children successful.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Meridian Public School District... • Builds upon a rich tradition of academic excellence and a strong community work ethic • Provides equitable access to learning opportunities for all students • Embraces and celebrates the diversity within the community In MPSD, All Means All Vision Statement: MPSD prepares all students, in a parent and community partnership, to be literate, self-directed learners with the confidence and character to compete in a complex and ever-changing world.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Meridian Public Schools

1019 25th Avenue, Meridian, MS 39301