Washakie County School District #1


Washakie County School District #1


Worland is located in the beautiful Big Horn Basin surrounded by mountains and three hours from Yellowstone National Park. Washakie County School District No. 1 has three elementary schools with an enrollment of 550, Worland Middle School with an enrollment of 306, and Worland High School with an enrollment of 416. Teachers to student ratio is 12.

Mission Statement

1.Our democracy is based on an educated public. 2.There is power in learning. 3.Everyone has value and deserves to be treated with honesty, trust, and respect. 4. Everyone needs a safe and caring environment. 5. Everyone needs to experience success. 6. Everyone has the ability to learn. 7. Everyone is unique and deserves to grow and progress. 8. Leaning is a shared responsibility. 9. Every behavior has a consequence.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Washakie County School District #1

1900 Howell Avenue, Worland, WY 82401