St. Louis Park Public School 283


St. Louis Park Public School 283


St. Louis Park has seven schools and four community centers operated by Independent School District 283. The schools serve about 4,200 students in kindergarten through grade 12. All schools, plus the community centers, offer programs for learners of all ages through an extensive community education program. At all levels, the schools aim to provide a positive, caring and creative atmosphere. From the early grades, children are helped to be the best they can be. The school staff is committed to the belief that each student can be a successful learner. It is the staff's challenge to recognize each learner's unique talents and meet his/her special needs. A strong academic program is coupled with after-school activities at both the elementary and secondary levels. There is also an extensive summer enrichment and recreation program. Child care, from preschool through the elementary grades, is available through Community Education at each elementary school and Central Community Center. St. Louis Park's kindergartners through sixth graders attend four elementary schools of about 600 children, plus the Spanish Immersion School. The four schools are "paired" in twos. Children on the east side of the district attend Peter Hobart Primary Center for kindergarten through second grade and Susan Lindgren Intermediate Center for fourth grade through sixth grade. Third graders are served in both schools. On the west side of the district, younger children attend Aquila Primary Center and older children go to Cedar Manor Intermediate Center. The immersion school at Central serves students in grades K-6. All seventh and eighth graders go to St. Louis Park Junior High School. Students are grouped in houses, with block scheduling, and interdisciplinary studies. Teachers visit the homes of new students, and parents can conference with their children's teachers any school day during team planning time. Ninth through twelfth grade students attend St. Louis Park Senior High

Mission Statement

As a caring, diverse community with a tradition of putting its children first, we will ensure that all students attain the highest level of achievement and become contributing members of society, and we will offer everyone high quality opportunities for lifelong learning, by providing multiple pathways to excellence and challenging each learner to meet high standards, within a safe environment.

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St. Louis Park Public School 283

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