Elementary Teacher

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Job Certification
Employment Type
Grade Levels
Base Salary
$55,000 - $65,000 per YEAR
Offers 401K
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Position Areas

Must hold a license issued by Utah State Office of Education.
The license must be in one of the following types: Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 1), Elementary Education (K-6) (Level 2), Professional License - Elementary.
The license position area must be in Elementary Teacher.
The license must be in one of the following grades: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.


Elevated Charter School, an online K-12 charter school, is now accepting applications for K-6 full-time Elevated Teachers to start July 29,2024. This is a unique opportunity for Utah licensed teachers to provide innovative, live online instruction, as well as partner with parents and students to guide educational choices in classes and curriculum. Elevated Charter School is available statewide to Utah residents, and seeking licensed teachers throughout the state.

The Mission of Elevated Charter School is to develop initiative, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking to create lifelong learners who are empowered for Life Elevated as they move onto college, career, and citizenship. Elevated Charter School is looking for educators who will lead, motivate, and mentor our students to success.

Review our website to learn more about our instructional model and school culture of lifelong learning https://www.elevatedcharterschool.org/

What You Will Get to Do: Elevated Teachers deliver live online instruction, using a combination of packaged curriculum, hands-on materials, Google slides, interactive digital tools, and their own learning activities, to create collaborative and engaging live class sessions and extended learning (homework) assignments.

Elevated Teachers attend in-person field trips and half-day classes in their assigned region, every Friday.

Elevated Teachers focus on one core subject, across multiple grade levels, including live class instruction, asynchronous courses, and collaborating on curriculum development and learning activities with peer teachers, administrators, and subject area experts.

Elevated Teachers advise an assigned cohort of students on class and curriculum selection, intervention resources, and outside educational resources. Cohort groups include all students within the same family/household, are organized by geographic region, and remain with the same Elevated Cohort Teacher for multiple school years.

Elevated Teachers check in with Cohort students every 5-6 school weeks and hold conferences with each student and at least 1 parent/guardian once each semester Elevated Teachers monitor overall academic progress of cohort students, collaborating with instructional and other student support staff, and maintaining student records including various assessments and a portfolio of work samples in all core subjects.

Elevated Teachers monitor and provide academic support to students completing asynchronous core courses, using Elevated-approved curriculum and asynchronous course structure.

Elevated Teachers respond to student and parent messages, via email, Schoology messenger, and/or phone messages & texts within 24 business/school hours. Elevated Teachers attend monthly staff meetings, which include professional development and collaborative planning.

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