Behavior Technician

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Instructional Support


Norman Public Schools 

Title: Behavior Technician 

Contract: 175 days

Salary Schedule: Teacher Assistant plus addenda

Reports to: Site Principal


Position Summary: 

This position is responsible for assisting teacher(s) to provide instruction to individuals or small groups of students with behavior challenges; administer behavior modification and de-escalation techniques to support instruction, increase participation in academic tasks, improve social skills and support appropriate behavior of individuals and/or small groups of students some with special needs; redirect and modify student progress regarding inappropriate behaviors and performance; participate as a member of the educational team; help implement all components of the student’s individual program; perform a variety of clerical duties as assigned; 



High school diploma or GED 

Passing score on the paraprofessional exam or Oklahoma General Educations Test (OGET) required



  • Experience working with children/teenagers who have behavior challenges

  • Experience working with students with special needs

  • De-escalation experience

  • Successful experience working in an intervention setting as well as the classroom


Knowledge of:

  • Behavior modification and de-escalation techniques

  • Social interaction skills of students with special needs

  • Basic subjects taught in the district school

  • Safe practices in classroom and playground activities. 

  • Basic first aid and CPR procedures

  • Health and safety regulations pertaining to position

  • Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary

  • Oral and written communications skills

  • Interpersonal relations skills using tact, patience, and courtesy

  • Basic record-keeping skills

  • District policies, rules, and regulations


Ability to:

  • Develop rapport and interact effectively with students

  • Demonstrate an understanding, patience and receptive attitude toward children with special needs

  • Apply behavior modification and de-escalation techniques

  • Work with students having special needs and/or aggressive behaviors

  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing

  • Maintain emotional control under difficult situations

  • Work cooperatively and effectively with others

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Assist with the instructional and related activities of a learning environment

  • Perform clerical duties such as charting performance, filing and maintaining simple records

  • Print and write legibly

  • Make arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately

  • Understand and follow oral and written directions

  • Learn and follow laws, rules, practices, policies and procedures

  • Enlist the support, interest and participation of students

  • Appropriately manage student behavior and guide student toward more acceptable social behaviors

  • Implement positive behavioral intervention plans

  • Model appropriate behavioral techniques

  • Learn and adapt to new procedures, conditions, and changing work demands

  • Supervise children in the classroom and outside

  • Follow oral and written directions

  • Manage task priorities to meet deadlines

  • Work under varying degrees of stress

  • Be physically agile and possess sufficient strength and stamina to work with children who may be prone to sudden flight or aggression.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Assists in providing instruction to behaviorally challenged individuals or small groups of students, reinforcing instruction as directed by the teacher

  • Works one-on-one with students with serious behavioral needs

  • Actively participates in behavior intervention meetings and IEP or 504 meetings as appropriate

  • Collects data and records anecdotal student progress notes and maintains behavioral charting data

  • Monitors and assists students in prescribed learning activities

  • Reduce and redirect inappropriate behavior

  • Report progress regarding student behavior and performance.

  • Assists students and parents by providing proper examples, emotional support and general guidance as directed

  • Communicates with teachers regarding programs and materials to meet student needs

  • Follows health and safety practices and regulations

  • Assists students in developing self-help and self-advocacy skills as directed.

  • Assists in implementing specialized student plans (IEP, BIP, 504) as needed.

  • Provides assistance with de-escalating student behaviors and reintegration back into the classroom

  • Assist the instructional staff in supervising students inside and outside the classroom as assigned.

  • Follows Board policies and district procedures

  • Escort students to and from designated locations as assigned; may accompany students to recess, lunch and on field trips as assigned. 

  • Tutor individuals or small groups of students, reinforcing instruction and behavior as directed by the teachers 

  • Participate in meetings, training, and professional development as assigned

  • Observe, change, alter, and improve the social interaction skills of students with special needs according to behavior modification techniques

  • Assist students by providing proper examples, behavioral intervention, emotional support and general guidance in the school setting 

  • Confer and review with teachers, instructional personnel, behavior specialists and psychologists regarding collected data, programs, and materials to meet student needs 

  • May assist students with washing, eating, toileting, and other personal care needs 

  • When appropriate, may assist students in developing self-sufficiency skills related to personal hygiene 

  • Assist assigned teacher and certificated personnel with the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) 

  • Provide routine first aid to injured students according to established procedures as needed

  • Maintains appropriate documentation, records, and reports

  • Support students through transition into new education settings

  • Must always maintain confidentiality

  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Additional Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to provide physical care for assigned student(s)

  • Ability to perform physical restraint as needed following correct procedures 


Licenses and Other Requirements:

  • Must obtain de-escalation techniques training and keep certification up-to-date

  • Must obtain District behavior modification trainings or approved equivalent within six months of employment and keep certification up-to-date

  • Successful completion of the District-mandated proficiency examination

  • Must complete and maintain First Aid and CPR certification within six months of employment


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